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Our Team is Ready to Train Your Team

EPR MarketingProf trainers are trained educators that stem from long business careers. Our goal is competency-based learning. Basically, it is an education term for learning that enhances the individual and collective competency of the team. Our training is laser-focused on increasing the skills and abilities of your team. Additionally, we hone in on the key engine of success, your sales and marketing teams.

Cheryl Engstrom

Cheryl Engstrom, Founder and Lead Trainer

Marketing, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Leadership, Story Telling, College Professor

Marketing has been Cheryl’s gig for 35 years. Training CEOs to internal teams was always the most rewarding and productive part of those years. Internally, her work as marketing/PR lead at Nordstrom corporate, Eddie Bauer corporate and Westin Hotels & Resorts forced her into training even when she did not know it. “I developed sessions and multimedia to teach, educate and redirect thinking based on larger corporate goals. I lead teams. I have managed teams (so understand classic HR issues). I’ve taught sales teams. I saved top management from making big time media mistakes. I’ve made mistakes myself from which I learned and use to help others from repeating them,” Cheryl says.

After years in marketing, Cheryl expanded her skills to formal teaching as an adjunct professor at Bellevue College in the Digital Marketing Bachelor’s Program. She soon learned that teaching college students daily, setting goals, writing curricula, managing 11-week increments of course work, and guiding, coaching, and tutoring students to success is no easy task. It honed her skills in classroom and online learning (especially during the COVID-19 time where everything moved online).

Her skill set is unique: hands-on marketer, experienced trainer, college professor. And yes, her Master of Science Degree in Management and Leadership wraps adds structure, technique, and proven methods to my training.

Steve Raymond

Steve Raymond, Technical Trainer

Website Design, SEO, Digital Advertising/Marketing, Entrepreneur, College Professor

After earning a Management Information Systems degree in Business at the University of Washington, Steve worked as a software engineer, consultant, product manager, trainer, and customer support manager at high-tech startup and fortune 500 companies for 30 years. Each of these positions required being laser-focused on customer needs and then consistently delivering on those needs.

One thing Steve learned from working different roles for different companies was that it's easy to work hard every day, yet not make progress as quickly as desired. Oftentimes this was caused by misalignment of goals and objectives across internal groups. Sometimes it was due to lack of training. And sometimes it was both. When employees know how to do their jobs well, and when their tasks are aligned with a common strategy to achieve meaningful objectives, good things happen.

Currently, Steve designs and builds websites while teaching digital marketing and technical courses at Bellevue College. All these disciplines should naturally be coordinated within a comprehensive marketing strategy, which is where Steve offers the greatest value. Theory can only take you so far. At some point, the practical application of theory is critical. As a trainer for EPR Marketing Prof, Steve's goal is to impart knowledge that you can begin using immediately to achieve your business goals.

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Professors Turned Corporate Trainers

Nothing is tougher than developing curricula for 11-week long courses delivered to college-age students. It requires a vision for the course, pacing, building week-to-week learning, evaluating comprehension all along the way, building and adjusting lectures, building and providing concrete feedback on assignments, seeking ways to add value to the learning, creating discussion topics, and designing final culminating projects. Most trainers today have never been challenged in this way. We have.

Our trainers are industry professionals with experience in college-level performance training as well as corporate training. With today’s younger workforce, our understanding of the training needs of an impatient, skeptical, and often very independent natured younger generation is critical to breaking through.

Bellevue College International Business and Information Technology (IBIT) Division has trusted us to teach a wide variety of business, general marketing, and digital marketing courses. Through this vast teaching experience, we’ve turned a lifetime as marketing professionals into successful courses to train the next generation of marketing and business workforce.

  • Introduction to Business
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Product Development in the Marketing Process
  • Sports Marketing
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Music Marketing
  • Search (SEO) Marketing
  • Film & TV Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Display Marketing Strategy
  • Public Relations & Social Listening
  • Business Analysis