Not all Training is Alike

When is the Right Time for Training?

Times of change . . . Times of growth . . .Times of challenge . . .Times of glory & celebration

Training during times of struggle bring teams together and solidifies employees’ bond to the company. It is often the time when business don’t train, but possibly should.

Working at home or having to work onsite, both present challenges. We’re not talking about COVID-19 safety training. You are already doing that. We’re talking about skills training that demonstrates your commitment to their growth and development.

Now is the time for effective and smart e-training and e-learning. Good training flows along the path of discovery. Our exclusive model is simple. It guides us through the process of designing successful training. And, it keeps us on the right path.

Trainers train differently. Most use existing models evolved to meet the fast-paced delivery models and shifting trainee demands. We do as well, but after my years in business and marketing, I found some elements missing. Old models were lacking in specificity and flow. This was especially true in training a younger workforce.


So, we designed our own model.

Introducing the PATAR™ model for learning & development