Developing Social Media Content to Grow Engagement

By far, developing content for training sessions is the toughest job of a trainer. Pacing content. Developing modules for learning when needed. Creating activities and action steps that enhances rather than distracts. Engaging through a screen.

Your workers do not have time to waste.

Training is often a huge waste of time and money, delivering content in an indulgent pace for the trainer that irritates participants and sucks up a lot of time and fees. Playing games or doing team events might have been fun in the past, but with today’s younger workers, engaging them in gaming style learning would be more productive.

So much of the traditional training tends to create fillers to stretch the training time. This is especially cruel with e-learning where sitting in front of a screen gets old quickly.

As a college professor, I have learned that participants are capable of learning at a fast pace. In fact, more than about 8 seconds of drowning on by the lecturer and 18 – 20 year old are disconnected. Yes, they are young, but so is much of your workforce.

Teaching in modules with quick sound bites, memory tools, technology enhancing teaching tools, and faster paced learning is critical.

An arsenal of on demand training is typical for Human Resources, but rarely used for marketing and sales training. And with the tools available today, having readily accessible learning where individuals can go back and review content to strengthen learning will help them throughout their work life. Content that lives on perpetually trains. The more you can record sessions for on demand training, the more people it touches. Even using a hybrid of manager-led on demand training is impactful.