Benefits of Training

Laptop with "Corporate Training" displayed on the screen

Training is not just for new hires. But why train once the employee is working? In fact, companies that train regularly tend to have a stronger, more dependable, and stable workforce. Below are just a few of the benefits. Builds Stronger, More Capable Employees: Once you’ve made the commitment to an employee, making them stronger…

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Developing Social Media Content to Grow Engagement

Mobile phone displaying Instagram app

By far, developing content for training sessions is the toughest job of a trainer. Pacing content. Developing modules for learning when needed. Creating activities and action steps that enhances rather than distracts. Engaging through a screen. Your workers do not have time to waste. Training is often a huge waste of time and money, delivering…

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Is Training Really Worth it? Especially if it’s online?

Frustrated technician using laptop

Designing training programs takes time and money. It takes employees away from their regular jobs both to help plan training and to take part in it. So why do it? The benefits of training live on well beyond the time in front of a computer or in a training room. Despite having e-learning and e-training…

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What Makes a Strong Leader?

Two hands holding holograph images of people

Leadership is often mistaken for management. They differ greatly. Leaders inspire. They drive home the mission of the company and keep the company on track. They live the company’s brand. They are people we want to follow and emulate. Managers make sure things get done. Project management and daily management are key functions of a…

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