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Nine Principles of Successful Training


Agree on the end goal as step #1


Know the participants needs and wants


Guide attendees to results


Let participants tell their stories


Keep the team on track


Recognize trainees’ opinions and feelings


Don’t overcomplicate what can be simplified


Recognize that trainees can contribute

One Thing

Outline at least one actionable step for post training

Training Excellence!

Benefits of Training

Builds stronger, more capable employees
Enhances job satisfaction
Increases individual performance
Speeds adoption of new ideas

Proven Winning Training

Training That Gets Results!

Training takes many forms and is always customized to individual company's needs. Check out some examples of past training that might spark an idea for your organization.

Navigating the New E-World of Business

Empty office? Simply learning zoom.com to set up a conversation does not mean effective meetings follow. The world of e-commerce, e-relationships, and e-meetings is with us not just for the short run, but for an indefinite future. This course teaches effective virtual communications, use of tools, proper pacing, online team engagement, and time management.

Selling the Sales Team

Selling is hard. Especially if you are in a crowded field with stiff competition. Understanding the key selling propositions or unique positioning is step one. Then educating sales teams how to communicate those points in a way that customers will listen takes it over the top. Materials that promote greater sales, use of virtual tools to engage with customers, and active ambassadorship of the brand are all part of this training.

Making Lemonade

Turn sour perceptions by customers/publics (lemons) into actionable steps and positive statements (lemonade.) Damage to a brand can be repaired, but only with honest, forthright messaging developed and shared among everyone on the team. Changing perceptions starts in house with your team and is then spread among your publics. We help ferret out the right communications for the right audiences and map out a path to delivering them.

Meet the Press

Let’s face it; media interviews are tough. Understanding what makes news, reporters’ agendas, and how to speak in 30 second sound bites enhances your ability to get the coverage you seek without interviews going awry. We teach how to Bridge, Redirect. and effectively Prepare so you are ready for anything. These are the three keys to an impactful interview.

Speaking of speaking

This is often stated as the #1 fear for most people; public speaking. Today, it’s not just about getting over your fear, it’s about pacing and structuring in the world of Ted Talk style communications. No longer does the Dale Carnegie style hit the mark (great as he was). Younger workers are particularly tough to reach due to limited attention spans of about 8 seconds . . . yes, we mean it. We guide you through messaging, structure, style, length, and delivery to make your presentations hit the mark and stick.

Social Media Meets Business

Small businesses don’t spend money on social media agencies, and they shouldn’t. We teach the basics of content marketing, social media commerce, display advertising you can do in-house, and remarketing tools to capture your audience when and where they are searching. The result: more sales!

Service with a Smile

When customers call, they generally are not happy. Interaction with customer service teams can either turn them into loyal customers or end up generating a negative Yelp review for the world to see. Customers matter. With guidance, patience, and action, customer service teams can transform every customer into an ambassador.

Storytelling as a Strategy

Companies have a soul. Yet, if not clearly communicated from the top, the heart of the company is lost. Internal teams to customers demand an understandable vision, mission, and direction of the company to become loyalist. We help ferret out your story and design communication strategies to make your story the ethos of your company and brand.

Managing Change

Every company evolves. Some radically, and that’s when introducing that structural or directional change to your publics is critical. Not every employee will embrace change. Some actively work against it, while many more find it invigorating. Learning how to manage change, gauge reactions, and then build actions that lead to a smooth transition enhances effectiveness of change management.

Design Your Training

The sky is the limit to what you can tackle with proper training. Customizing training is our forte’. Introducing a new product line, shifting company culture, acquiring a new company/division, retraining to reflect a new direction, training marketing teams for greater performance . . . we can help. Let us know your challenge and we’ll design a training solution to meet your needs.

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